The 10 Hardest Would You Rather Choices You Will Ever Have To Make

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to make what are the hardest decisions of your life? Because if you have enough we’re going to be doing today so, you’re welcome.

Welcome to and today we’re going to be looking at 10 of the hardest would you rather choices you never want to make. This was a very popular suggestion but, one of you guys I mean we’re always faced with decisions in life but these are hypothetical decisions. That you’ll probably never come across in your lifetime. But, it doesn’t matter since these are hypothetical. It won’t be in a real-life scenario. Storage is going to try to make the best decision. So that further ado I think we’re going to try to answer. Which choices we’re going to want to make?  So, let’s just jump right into this let’s do this.

All right! the first question is…

10 Hardest Would You Rather Questions

1. would you rather have been born to a wealthy family or work for your wealth?

This will result as an intriguing question because I mean, you can either inherence the money from your parents and practically enjoy life from when you’re born. Or you can get the satisfaction of knowing you worked very hard for your money and finding success.

By the way, I want you guys to answer every single one of these questions down below in the comments section. But I would really like to know what you guys think about this. Personally, for me, I think I would like to work for my wealth because I feel like if I was born into a wealthy family, I wouldn’t actually appreciate the value of money.  I wouldn’t have a sense of how hard other people have it. People that don’t make a lot of people’s outpouring.

But when you come from like middle class or lower class and you work your way up. I feel like you value it a lot more. And you would actually enjoy your money more than you would versus inheriting it or like being born with it. But I don’t know a lot of people would say they’d rather be born into a wealthy family. So it’s not that your personal opinion actually.


2. Would You Rather you want money and fame or health and prosperity?

So, for example, Estee you can live up to 20 years old but you have a lot of money in you’re famous. Or you can live up to 80 years old, but you have health and prosperity. So you have a very valuable life you lived it. Well, this was also a very hard choice.

I don’t know what I would do on. You think you’d have a very happy life when you’re you have a lot of money and famous. But, at the same time, it might not be the case at all. You guys have to help me out with this one number two I don’t know what I would choose actually.


3. Would you rather constantly smell like poop or constantly smell poop that no one else can smell?

So, this one has to do with how selfish you really are. Like if you don’t care that you smell like poop as long as you don’t smell it yourself, then you would go with the first choice. But if you care about what other people think about you more than what you think about yourself, you would definitely go with the second choice.

I think I would probably go with the second choice I’d rather smell poop all the time,  then actually smelt like poo. Like no one would want to be around me if, I smell like poop. They’re gonna be like, yeah that guy smells like shit all the time. I’m not hanging out with him anymore, like everyone in the movie theater was like what’s that smell.

I think it just kind of it’s kind of weird like imagine you never even knew you smell like poo.


 4. Would you rather be deaf or blind?

Just straight-up shot – is deaf or blind, to be honest, I think I’d rather be deaf. Like it’s easier for deaf people versus blind people.  I mean I can’t tell everything sometimes I’m deaf or blind. But that’s someone who is deaf, I still think you can drive, you can read, you can see color. I mean, you can basically do anything except hearing people’s voices. I don’t know I like I said these are the hardest choices you have to make. But I think I’d rather be deaf and blind hoping I never become either.


 5. Would you rather like a yacht or a jet?

Like I so we’re just offered. Do you want this yacht or this jet? What are you gonna do? Oh shit! This is so hard. Imagine sailing the world that has to be so much fun, but imagines having your private jet. What that’s like a dream. But I can’t. I don’t know. Like a private jet, you could go anywhere. Just like that sailing, you don’t go anywhere just like that but at the same time, you have like a whole bedroom and everything.

It’s very cool you’re practically living on the sea for like a few weeks. I think I might
have to go with the jet, but I would love to own a yacht. I mean that’s amazing. I would love to own both me together combined but maybe probably a jet. If I was really passionate about traveling and just getting places quickly. If I was just more laid-back. I’m just like, I have time, I don’t care, I would get a yacht.


 6. Would you rather you want looks or smart?

Try answering this one, because I know a lot of people would not be able to at all. They would not be able to answer this. Looking good is more like a first impression kind of thing, like imagine you meet someone who looks very good. If they have a shitty personality or they’re very stupid. It just makes them look ugly. It literally makes them look ugly but at the same time when you can see past the one’s looks.

Let’s say if you’re very ugly but you have a great personality you’re very smart and you can see the past that, I’ve got you’re a very fun person to be around. Especially and intriguing someone who challenges your intellect. I might have to go as smart. I know that seems very cheesy in life very cliche. But in honesty, like I cannot be around people that are very stupid. would you like infinite money are the perfect romantic partner I would go with the perfect romantic partner imagine you have that connection that’s all that.


7. Would you rather like infinite money or the perfect romantic partner?

I would go with the perfect romantic partner. Imagine you have that connection, that’s all that matters you’d be very satisfied with life if you have someone like that.


8.Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?

I think I would rather lose a leg. Because if you still have your arms you can still drive. You just have to be in a wheelchair pretty much or you have to have crutches all the time. I think I might have to go with the leg but this one is very tough.


9. Would you rather always have for speak your mind and never speak your mind again?

Oh! no don’t you always speak your mind? I know I thought you could say a lot of rude things or things that are very inappropriate at times, but you never speak your mind. I feel like you might go crazy. Maybe I would rather always speak my mind versus never speak your mind again. And if you never speak your mind you’re literally going to go insane. What do you think found the cure for cancer and you’re just like, I can’t speak my mind. I can’t tell you what it is.


10. Would you rather watch your parents have sex every day for the rest of your life or join in once to stop it?

What!!!  No, I don’t want to make the decision because I thought your parents have sex every day for the rest of your life or jointed ones. I don’t want to do either. What I enjoy and wants to stop it. Fine, no I guess no oh.

I hope you guys enjoyed make sure your comment with you guys chose for each question down below I really want to see them all.